• Multifunktsionaalne IDC koeravest

Multifunktsionaalne IDC koeravest

  • Tootja: Julius-K9
  • Mudel: Multifunktsionaalnel neopreenvest
  • Saadavus: Laos
  • Price:
  • 45.00€

  • Maksudeta: 45.00€

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Multifunctional swimming vest with removable floating foam pads. A great help for swimming, and useful for lifting the dog, because the foam pads are practical for pressure distribution (rehabilitation vest). If you remove the floating foam pads from their packets, you will have a neoprene jacket, which protects your dog from the rain, wind and cold. As a swimming vest it’s practical help for hydro-therapy – with reducing or increasing the number of the floating pads you can change the level of excercises. With a strong handle and a ring for the leash it’s easy to control or hold the dog. Highly recommended for those dog breeds (English and French Bulldogs) which are more challenged in swimming due to their physical abilities. 

SUURUSED: Rinnaümbermõõt

S : 44 - 64 cm

M : 55 - 72 cm

L : 65 - 82 cm

XL : 75 - 92 cm

Dog vest is supplied with two foam pads (for the chest and back part).

Available in four sizes, the foam pads can be ordered even separately.


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